PSAT/SAT Class – Weekend (and Monday review) – Thousand Oaks Office

September 11th – October 10th, 2022

Instructor: Will Tucker

This class leads up to the PSAT. The content on the SAT and the PSAT are the same, so it can be used for SAT prep, as well. This class meets on weekends, but has one Monday afternoon review to conclude the course.

Sun 9/113-6pmIntroduction/Math 1
Sun 9/183-6pmWriting and Language 1/Reading 1
Sun 9/253-6pmMath 2
Sun 10/23-6pmWriting and Language 2/Reading 2
Sun 10/93-6pmMath 3
Mon 10/105-6:30pmWriting and Language Review

Location: Thousand Oaks Office

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